A Night That Wouldn’t End – Enhanced Version (plus release party!)


Last month I’ve been helping my brother @LostTrainDude with the Unity port of his point and click adventure game A Night That Wouldn’t End, originally developed with Adventure Game Studio.

The game is now available here!

We used both Unity and the Adventure Creator asset. While he dealt with all the coding, I’ve redesigned some of the graphics, also adding something new.

To do the job, the two of us decided to form a small game development team (waiting for our other brother Dr. Wh to come and join us) under the name Leafdog Games.

So come visit us every once in a while on our website to see how are we doing!


Feel free to give us a warm hello! 🙂


Release party pictures

Image of monitor displaying Creating Twitter Profile

Creating Twitter Profile

Image of monitor displaying itch.io website checking before publishing the game

Last check before publishing on itch.io

Photo of kitchen table with drinks and laptop with loaded screenshot of released game.


Photo of Leafdog Games Brothers while drinking to celebrate the release of the game, with screen behind showing the game intro

Leafdog Games Brothers


Learning and coding


These days I’m in lazy learning mode because I’m so newbie in coding, unity and all that stuff. I hope to restart developing soon. I’d like to finish this little game soon!



Day 9: From rooms to Fungus!

Today after I finished some amendments to some rooms, I’ve finally started to watch Fungus tutorials and I’ve started some preliminary tests for the game. The tutorials are very easy to follow and to apply but, as always, I try to do more than I actually know! I have to activate my relax mode, I guess!

I’ve amended the boy’s room due to some copyrighted material I’ve chosen as a tribute. Now I hope to have avoided any problem! And now let’s go back to Fungus and Unity to do some coding.