Day 4: Choosing locations

After a self brain storming I decided about 7-8 main locations to choose from but I need to reduce the selection till max of 5 main locations:

  • 2 indoor
  • 3 outdoor

Initially I thought to set the game in the city of Bruges but after few days I changed my mind to set the locations in my birth city: Naples, Italy.

Now it’s better for me if I start to pixel some location “room”!



Day 3: Mommy time!

Today I’ve started to sketch the child’s mom and her relative walk path animation. I’m very slow and inaccurate in coloring, perspective and animation steps… I usually write html/css code so sketching, pixeling and animating is not properly my skill area, even if I’d like!

So here she is (lousy resized), my first attempt to mom character: Roberta!


Give her a warm welcome please, she’s a lady! 🙂



Child walk cycle mod: the unblocked pelvis!


Fast walking child, with an unblocked pelvis! Great pixel art here, really… (self-irony mode: on!)

After previous post publishing I decided to edit the animation to bring some movement to the pelvis area too because it was like a fixed block and looks very weird. Now I’ve tried to add and remove some pixels here and there hoping for a better result. At least now seems more fluid and walk-a-like nearly springing head!

Any suggestions for the t-shirt theme? 🙂
Put your suggestion in comment box below, thanks!


Day 2: Sketching the boy

Today I’m trying to sketch the boy and his walk cycle frames. There are the usual issues due to pixel art inexperience, perspective and lack of time!

At moment I’ve decided for a 4 frames cycle: yes I’m lazy and a rookie, don’t blame me!