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Day 4: Choosing locations

After a self brain storming I decided about 7-8 main locations to choose from but I need to reduce the selection till max of 5 main locations:

  • 2 indoor
  • 3 outdoor

Initially I thought to set the game in the city of Bruges but after few days I changed my mind to set the locations in my birth city: Naples, Italy.

Now it’s better for me if I start to pixel some location “room”!


Day 3: Mommy time!

Today I’ve started to sketch the child’s mom and her relative walk path animation. I’m very slow and inaccurate in coloring, perspective and animation steps… I usually write html/css code so sketching, pixeling and animating is not properly my skill area, even if I’d like!

So here she is (lousy resized), my first attempt to mom character: Roberta!


Give her a warm welcome please, she’s a lady! 🙂


Child walk cycle mod: the unblocked pelvis!


Fast walking child, with an unblocked pelvis! Great pixel art here, really… (self-irony mode: on!)

After previous post publishing I decided to edit the animation to bring some movement to the pelvis area too because it was like a fixed block and looks very weird. Now I’ve tried to add and remove some pixels here and there hoping for a better result. At least now seems more fluid and walk-a-like nearly springing head!

Any suggestions for the t-shirt theme? 🙂
Put your suggestion in comment box below, thanks!

The Tiny Button – First day & post


When I announced to my brother @losttraindude about my new game’s idea he suggested me to put, momentary, apart AGS and try Unity + Fungus because could be better solution according to the story and the development.

So I decided to try and start to download and view both Unity and Fungus tutorials hoping that don’t take me too long to develop and publish.

Chris had also wrote to Fungus developers that I’d installed it to develop a game concept of mine and they answered offering their support if I’ll ever need it!

I hope to learn much and faster and not to stop the project because of frustration.


INTERNAL BRIEF UPDATE: AGS > Games – Adding a mug over the cup


Brief notice to update on the conversion of old site to due to adding new tools for development. I will continue to use AGS when it’s needed, but I’ll try other tools too, hoping I understand how to learn them!

From this post I’ll try to write future updates in my “spaghetti” english since I’d like to “go abroad” with this tiny little blog… hoping for the best and hoping everyone will understands!